Empire of Gold – Attributes

Oh this is just an idea for how to do the attributes for EoG, my setting-system that has currently devolved into just a D&D-oid system with several possible settings. Hooray for working on too many different things at once!

There are five attributes. Roll 3d6 for each of them, in order if you want it rough. Point buy works too. The attributes are…

  • Strength. Determines the size and damage of wielded weapons, maximum amount of gear carried, and strength checks.
  • Dexterity. Determines base attack bonus, acrobatic skill, reflexes and coordination.
  • Intellect. Determines how many total skill ranks you may have, as well as how fast you learn them.
  • Presence. Determines your resistance to, and capability for, influence, social or mental.
  • Endurance. Determines your maximum stamina points, and resistance to physical effects.

After this total the attribute value and subtract it from 90.  Then roll 1d6.

  1. All remaining points go to magical talent. Gain 1 sorcery point per 5 remaining points. Spillover is wealth in the form of arcane books.
  2. All remaining points go to status. Each 5 points elevate your title by a step. Spillover is x2 as wealth invested in distant projects.
  3. All remaining points go to capital and resources, at a 1 point to 1 gold crown basis.
  4. Split evenly between status and wealth.
  5. Split evenly between magic talent and arcane resources.
  6. Split evenly between magic talent and status.

So that’s an idea for a slightly fairer and somewhat different system at least. Yay.


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