Darkest Nights – Session 7

Whoah, another session of the dark Victorian mystery campaign?! Yeah, I mean, it’s just been like two months. It was a full sunday session too, which is awesome (around 6 hours). One player was missing, but luckily he was the one who was about to swap characters so it didn’t actually mess up the cast, with acharacters dissapearing without a proper reason. Some crazy stuff happened this session actually (in game), but for the most part it was just nice getting a session together again.

The Cast

  • Nathan Stark. Bounty hunter, monster hunter, dislikes disturbing the dead.
    • Maria. Stay-at-home wife. Not too story-active but helps out.
  • Lucas de Pope. Mercenary who’s bad at running, sees the spirits of the dead.
    • Joffrey and Mathilda. Speaking raven and skull of dead lover respectively.
    • Robert and Philip. Formerly possessed, now child-like and helping out.

Starting Date: 10th of March 1840

After the out-of-game pre-talk, checking up on goals and characters, and recap, we began with them having escaped the silly guy in the pub. With the immediate options being checking out the crypt or the wolves they chose the closer one. After buying some gear (replacing a broken lantern, getting a climbing kit, and some gunpowder), they rode over to the catacombs. The rock which had blocked the entrance was down, with some marks on it, perhaps from a hook used to fell it. They shouted a greeting down, and as expected Cynthia the priest answered. It seemed she had just begun looking around down there, and they joined up. Most of the stuff hadn’t been touched in ages. There was an old embalming room just down the stairs, and lots of thin corridors with little niches for the dead. Deciding to have a look down the largest corridor first, the followed all the way into the depths of the crypt. It ended in a large room where the builders had hit the bedrock, which had stone benches with old corpses on.

Here, Nathan used his tracking skills to identify that at least two people had been looking around there, and they had disturbed the skeletons. They took a look at what they had, but it was only a crucifix, a small knife, and a few coins on each one. The tracks returned back towards the central tunnel, and so did they after picking up one of the coins for later identification. One of the side tunnels ended in a large stone slab with an inscription, and they determined that whatever the tomb robbers were going after was here. Cynthia could kind-of read the hebrew text, but the first bit was only an unsurprising “Here rests…”

As they had decided that the looters would return, they set up a hidden camp outside, and got the former Manikins over for support. In the black of night they were awoken by Cynthia, who was on watch. Someone was there. Watching whoever it was enter, they prepared a trap carefully. The second the others breach the stone wall, however, they abandon it and rush down the catacombs without Cynthia. Lucas, going first, makes a miserable stealth roll and rushes straight into the sentry who then runs screaming back to his buddies. They dash along, and throw themselves through the blown-open stone slab. Nathan tackles the fleeing one onto the ground beside a rectangular stone object, as two others shoot at Lucas and the buddies. Philip is shot bad and Robert is grazed, while Lucas throws himself to the ground and shoot the robbers’ lantern. With the only whole lantern now pointed towards the roof and flickering, the room is dark. While Nathan subdues his tackled man, Lucas sneaks around the block and starts stabbing one he grabs. While he’s doing that Nathan unluckily takes the same side as him and almost gets punched in the dark. When Robert gets the lantern upright they count everyone in… And realize there’s one guy missing! Lucas unwisely runs out after the fading sound of steps in the hallway, leaving Nathan to bind up Philip’s wounds.

Here Lucas’ bad fitness shows (untrained in athletics), and he has a hard time staying close to, not to mention catch up to, the fleeing man. Cynthia fails to set off the snare by the entrance and the escapee disappears into the underbrush, where Lucas follows him until he’s lost himself. While he finds his way back Nathan and Cynthia do first aid, tie up prisoners, and prepare breakfast. They then check out the chamber, find that the block is a sarcophagus (gasp) and that it has already been opened. The only thing that seems to be missing is something on the corpse’s hand, as both the fine (but old) clothes, two amulets, and silver sword is still there. Lucas nabs the non-crucifix amulet under the cover of an illusion, before they but the lid back on and trace the name of whoever was buried there. After that, the prisoner that’s not knocked out is questioned, and they learn that the thieves were paid a lot to get the gauntlet from the grave. They were supposed to turn it over friday night at a certain café to receive their reward, and it had all been very secretive.

When returning to the city, they drop the two caught robbers off at the Black Hat’s (local semi-private police) station. Cynthia’s testimony get them instantly arrested, and they move on to eating some lunch and going to sleep. The following days they checked up on some information. Lucas tracked the Man With Red Boots (probably the murderer of Mathilda) to the slums, found out that he had visited a certain Miss Elvira, and entered her appartement. Elvira was… Less than alive. Her head was missing, hacked off, probably with the large knife embedded above the corpse in the wall. After retching he asked the angry man downstairs about her, and was told she worked in a… “happiness house”. He visited said institution, bribed the madame, and was told were the red-booted man lived. Breaking in, he eventually found a set of knives like that by the dead girl… Which he all stole. He set his raven to guard the house and left.

During this time, Nathan had checked up the name in from the grave chamber. It spelt GLGMSH in old hebrew (no vowels), which he immediately recognized as Gilgamesh. He learned that he had been a king of the Gekozen (“natives”, or those that were shipwrecked and lived isolated for some hundred years) 150 years ago. He had united them after a period of strife, and one of his hallmarks was a gauntlet said to turn swords away. In addition he received the last part of the booklet “The Forgotten God” which he read. It seemed like an all too real madman’s ramblings about a buried evil which would or could rise the next time both the moon and sun was blotted out together. Contacting an astronomer revealed that it would be the around the 21st of March… A little over a week. Together with the text was a small poem, about nine keys. In short (too tired to translate now) the keys were:

The steel in the warriors hand, a key from a distant land.
The golden disc of the sun, the silver sickle of the moon.
The mark of the faithful, the painting of where sinners go.
The fruit of Eden’s body, the heart of the one without hope.
The lock is too a key.

Some of these they had seen or heard of before, at least three of them.

They went to get the knives identified with a smith in town, and he told them they were the work of a young blacksmith that died ten years ago. In the smithy Nathan manages to provoke (or get provoked by) a foppish noble, and challenges him to a duel. It’s with guns, and Nathan has no proper experience with those. He practises until the set time, and they meet up to fight. Arriving just in time to be the second (assistant), was Lucas, who had bought a treasure map for cheap, and actually found a chest of gold (!) during the day. One salvo was agreed, and both fired and missed. Another three was then agreed as no one was satisfied, and the duel ends with Nathan getting shot in the arm, and then shooting the noble in the leg (slightly dirty play there with first blood and all that). They go home and Joffrey the raven arrives: the red-booted man has come home.

They rush over, and find him in the midst of taking his bags out the front door. Nathan, being in a bad mood, leaps on him and beats him for a bit, before Lucas drags him off and takes over. He shouts stuff about the man about him being an evil murderer and they have evidence and stuff, to which the man responds slightly mockingly. He doesn’t seem afraid, strangely. Then Lucas murders him to death with a knife, and Nathan leaves again. Two Black Hats stand outside and greets him, and he asks for the way to a good pub. Following their instructions he goes there, while Lucas desperately washes himself and tries to conceal all the blood before he has to flee the house which Nathan set slightly on fire (the second time actually… latent pyromaniac?) His bloody footprints are spotted, and he runs away to the beach. Two officers show up when he’s hidden in a bush, a failed stealthy maneuver later he wrestles a bit with them before sprinting off. A fantastic Illusion roll later he wanders away looking different, with the two Black Hats running in another direction.

Tiredly he goes home… Only to discover that the resting Philip has been murdered in their house, and Nathan’s wife is missing. Nathan comes home later, and they are sad. (Well Nathan is, Lucas seemed kind of unaffected). The only missing things are the wife and the cursed brooch (it attacks people with the needle and curses them). After a bit of tracking and searching, the session ends…

That was it. A lot of stuff happened, and we generally had a good time. It feels good to be back in business, and hopefully next session is less than two months from now. Also: the plot thickens (did someone add cornstarch?) Who has taken Nathan’s wife? Who wants that gauntlet? Is the murderer dead? Where are the keys? Will the demon god awaken? Find out next time, on Darkest Nights! 


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