Viking Archetypes

So, I’ve thought a bit about what kinds of general character archetypes that I’d want to allow in my viking RPG. This is not a list of classes as such, but more general platystyles that could fit in the viking world. And of course, you don’t have to stick to a single one.

So, here’s the one’s I can think up. These are based on the icelandic sagas, real vikings, and possibly some other tidbits of lore that could fit.

The Warrior
Obviously we need warriors, bearded men with mail and weapons. And absolutely no horned helmets or two-headed battle-axes, but badass nonetheless.

The Lawman
A battlefield is not the only battlefield (what). Settling disputes in courts of law was an important way of stopping every little thing from escalating into brutal feuds.

The Trader
Buying and selling wares, or more accurately, trading them, were important, not just on long trips to foreign countries, but also with your neighbors.

The Worker
Though hardly making you the hero of a saga, being able to work your farm and creating useful tools and buildings, maybe even fine items and jewelry.

Now, now, not all Norsemen were… ehm… men. Women were actually not locked away in this culture, but had rights and could be influential.

The Shield-maiden
Yes, they existed historically. There are viking females buried with weaponry, just like male warriors. It’s entirely appropriate, as well as being inclusive.

The Wife
Well, kind of. Ruler of a farmstead, has a lot of say in some matters, and inciter of action. Not that they have direct power for the most part, but they can influence their families.

The Seið-user
A magic user essentially, casting curses and illusions I believe. I like the subtle magic theme but need to read up on it more. Oh, and men were ridiculed if they learned this magic, even though Odin used it, which is quite interesting.

And… I feel like I’ve forgotten something. Not sure what it is, but I might update if I remember it. But these are some ideas for specific archetypes I’d like to allow. Though I really hope people mix and match, as well as add on other skills if applicaple. Now I just have to finish up that skill list… Again. And decide how much crunch and story game I want in this thing. I should take a serious look at Saga of the Icelanders too… Might be able to borrow some ideas there.



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