What I’ve played and what I write

You might have noticed that I dance between multiple RPG projects at all times. The only time I focus on a single one is just before we start a new campaign, when I make sure to make that particular system playable. I just thought I’d make a small post on the kind of systems I have played around with (or actually played sessions of).

What Have I Played

Not much, shockingly. I’ve been interested in pen and paper RPGs for a looong time, but only got around to playing like two years ago. I just didn’t have a group before that. (I have however read the rules for I don’t know how many different systems and settings.) But here’s the major things I have played in.

  • Stars Without Number. This was the first game I played in, and as a player at that. It was a good campaign, which the GM killed of because he felt he lacked direction in the endless choices of space or something. The system is pretty nice too.
  • Dungeons and Dragons 5e. I ran a one-shot of this, only lightly house ruled. Then I played in a RAW campaign (which was the next one with the last GM). This one actually finished, and the system works pretty decently, though maybe not my favorite one.
  • “Sea of Solomon”. The first campaign I GM’d. Theoretically this was D&D 5e too, but I completely replaced races, classes and feats, changed skills around, added a wound mechanic, another ability score, spell points for everyone, bloodlines, and I don’t know what more. I kept the d20 and proficiency bonus at least.
  • “Aftermath”. This was my second campaign, a sort of military near-future sci-fi thing. It went ok but got a bit grindy at the end. This was a completely home-written system which worked reasonably well. Though one player became a one-shot machine. Ahem.
  • “Darkest Nights”. Current campaign, which is actually detailed here.

On top this I’ve played a lot of one-shots with different homebrew systems, and a few with other people’s. I have a tendency to want to write what I run, and that includes the rules.

The Types

Most of my system seem to fall into one of four categories.

  • D&D-oid. A system that’s kinda D&D but slightly fixed up. Mostly retro-clone style nowadays, with some bits from other places. Though clunky at its core, sometimes it can be made to work or just plain fit.
  • Modern Realism. Well realism is relative, but decently reasonable and so on. Really I could use GURPS for this, but I like knowing all the rules because I wrote them all. This group also contains my normal science fiction, which is usually rather “soft” or close to reality.
  • Story Game. Well, “rules light”, and maybe with meta-mechanics for completing personal goals and all-in-all focused more on story than mechanics. By way of having mechanics that are story elements. Ehh…
  • Alternate Fantasy. A non-d&d fantasy system, which might be rather crunchy or less so, but clearly differentiated from the dungeons and dragons style with levels and hit points, for the most part. I know this is kind of vague but it’s a motley group of specimen.

I think I haven’t missed anything now. This might not be the most interesting thing but it was just in case anyone wondered about what kinds of things I write. So, until next time (where I hopefully write something actually fun).


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