Empire of Gold – Encumbrance and Fatigue

I’ve been pondering easy encumbrance and fatigue recently, mainly for Empire of Gold. Though the basic game system will probably be my go-to generic D&D clone, as one of those might be handy at times. Anyways, I kind of want to keep these rules light, but on the other hand… I kind of like the idea of having different levels of load-out weights. It’s a tough edget o balance on. On one hand you have “what do you mean I can’t carry twelve greatswords and 500 kilos of gold coins in my pocket”, on the other you have something crunchier than a pack of cereals with tens of weight levels and tracking every single gram. I’ll try to make it better than that, hopefully.

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Empire of Gold – Attributes

Oh this is just an idea for how to do the attributes for EoG, my setting-system that has currently devolved into just a D&D-oid system with several possible settings. Hooray for working on too many different things at once!

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Darkest Nights – Session 7

Whoah, another session of the dark Victorian mystery campaign?! Yeah, I mean, it’s just been like two months. It was a full sunday session too, which is awesome (around 6 hours). One player was missing, but luckily he was the one who was about to swap characters so it didn’t actually mess up the cast, with acharacters dissapearing without a proper reason. Some crazy stuff happened this session actually (in game), but for the most part it was just nice getting a session together again.

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GURPS Melee Damage pt. 3

I have scienced really hard for this. I’ve also tried my best to make a useful and simple formula for physics-approved damage, but alas, not now. So here’s another table I’m tired now goodnight.

GURPS weapon damage table II

There. Simple is for those that can’t be bothered with two decimals. Simply multiply the number with your strength as before and then add the number in parenthesis. I’ll try to return with a system for weapon construction or something, but it might take a while…