Totally Ghoul Alpha Test

I had a little bit of an alpha test for the Tokyo Ghoul fan RPG I’m making. I ran it for my girlfriend who hasn’t (or hadn’t, actually) played in an actual pen-and-paper RP session. It went pretty well, though we didn’t play for all too long. Also, this is just a little note on how it went and whatever small things I noticed, and not a full-blown session recap.

What Happened

The character was a koukaku (strong-slow type ghoul, if you’re not read-up on this. Their kagune/natural weapon is a tough blade thing covering one arm from the shoulder down).

  • I started her off waking up at the shore outside a slightly smashed house.
  • She was at Island #31, an abandoned industrial complex outside Tokyo.
  • Something had thrown her through the wall, but memories were vague.
  • She slipped into a crevice, lit a fire, and rested for a while.
  • Making a trip into the house, finds nothing but a corpse and claw marks.
  • Memories of a scary creature skittering across the walls and smashing things.
  • Carefully watching the ceiling she leaves, after seeing the tracks’ direction.
  • Passing by the harbor, she noticed two CCG-detectives landing.
  • She slips them by, heading into the factory district.
  • On the way, two burglars are spotted. One is slain, the other flees.
  • After that lunch, she continues to the central plaza.
  • A dead CCG agent was in the fountain. A pistol with Q-bullets is looted.
  • Shortly after the two detectives land, examining the corpse and tracks.
  • She hides in a café until they leave, and then check up on the tracks.
  • Easily forcing a door, she follows the marks to the roof of a house.
  • Tracks continue to the northeast, to where one detective is on a roof.
  • She jumps gap between buildings, once gracefully and once clumsily.
  • The detective almost spots her, and is rounding her cover to find her.
  • Combat is rather easily won, though she shoots the floor with the gun.
  • One call for help is sent before both detectives are down.
  • More Q-bullets are taken, as well as a shortsword-type quinque.
  • She wanders the residential area, bandaging up a bleeding ghoul.
  • There are hobos by the beach, who gets left alone.
  • We end somewhere there, after her resting in a house.

Some Observations

  • I liked the balance for when stats were used. In the end I think it ended up being fairly even in the what number of checks of each kind being made were.
  • Damage needs an overhaul, as all humans were instantly killed.
  • Combat might need a few fix-ups, but works pretty decently.

This was mostly it. It wasn’t really a long session or anything, but it was fun! I think the setting has potential for an RPG, and the system is dead simple. Maybe too simple. Good for beginners, I guess. That’s it for this, I might return if I remember something more, and when I have an update on the system, though that gets its own post. Until then!




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