“Max 20” Draft for GURPS

I had this strange idea for a rule to GURPS, about the maximum attribte levels. I’m not sure there’s a human limit stated in the RAW, but maximum human lifting strength seems to come up to a little over 20, I think. I’ve heard numbers like 15-16 said to be the maximum for the other attributes. As for the secondary attributes I think the limit is +30% of the base one. I might mess around a bit with those.

So, in short, my idea was this. Cap the core attributes at 15 for humans, with all of an attribute’s secondary increases cannot total more than +33% over the base. Why 33? That makes the maximum a clean 20, and I like clean numbers.

For example, if someone has reached ST 15 and wishes to get even stronger, they would have to level striking strentgh, lifting strength, and hit points individually. The total of these cannot exceed 5 points higher than base strength. Striking +2, HP +3, for example, or striking +3, HP +1, lifting +1. Or maybe Lifting +5 for a weight lifter. As long as the total increase over the base strength is no more than 33%.

The non-strength attributes may be less clear cut, but it could work out. I’ll start with a small list of what parts the attributes are made of.

Strength [10]
• Striking [5]
• Lifting [3]
• Hit Points [2]
• General [?] (this all those small bits, like untyped strength rolls or whatever)

Dexterity [20]
• Talent (all physical skills, ~100+ ) [?]
• Basic Speed +0.25 [5]
• General [?]

Intelligence [20]
• Talent (all mental skills, 100+ ) [?]
• Will [5]
• Perception [5]
• General [?]

Health [10]
• Fatigue Points +1 [3]
• Basic Speed +0.25 [5]
• Hard to kill +1 [2]
• Hard to subdue +1 [2]
• Resistance [~4?]
•  General [?]

Pricing a talent encompassing over a hundred skills would land at about 100 points per level, if following that price scheme. That probably shouldn’t be done though, as basically no character would use all of them. I think that the “secondary attribute” value of talents should be 1 “level” per 5 points (2-6 skills) of talent for that attribute. A broad talent with up to 12, or even more skills (for 10 or 15 points) would allow one to have fewer levels of said talent, and I’m okay with that. So with 15 IQ you could have a mental talent at +5 for 6 skills for example, and no Will or Perception exceeding your IQ.

Health contains A LOT of bits. I just guessed the value of resistance per level, as it should apply to all kinds of stuff. I think I would count resistance +3 to something as “1 level” of exceeding attribute, +8 as the second, and immunity as the third. Does that work? Or should resistance be left out of this? I’m not sure at the moment.


Oh well, that’s the idea at least. I’m note sure it’s useful for anyone or anything, but I thought it could be interesting to disallow someone from being equally strong in all areas, for example. I don’t think a weight lifter punches as hard as a boxer, for example, because they have built their muscles differently. But…. I don’t have any personal experiance with that exact fact. Seems to make sense though. Oh well. I might return to this later and tidy it up some, but not now. Until next time!


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