Status Update

I don’t think I’ll be able to write a proper post until after I get home this wednesday. I’m currently on Gran Canaria on a trip with my art school. Maybe I should be happy, but missing someone dear to you makes being away very, very hard. Currently I just want to go home (though some places here really are beautiful), but I’ll have to wait two more days. I’ll survive… I hope. Then I’ll just have to cope with my girlfriend being away as long as I was. Ugh.

But enough moaning about how horrible a vacation on a sunny island is, there’s something I am happy about. This blog has had a few visitors! That’s fun, and hopefully my posts are fun or interesting to the readers too! This is probably thanks to GURPSday (no link now because my phone is silly), and I have some more GURPS posts in mind.

At least one should be about the strentgh attribute, or mainly about melee damage  (as a follow up to this). It might, however, spiral out of control into a whole series where I try to math out how much damage different weapon weights and lengths should do and stuff, or even rework the lifting strengths… Oops.

Another thing I might do is stat out a few more Darkest Nights monsters for GURPS, which forces me to determine lots of specific stuff about them. Is that good? Not sure.

On the non-gurps front I might drop some posts about the Tokyo Ghoul RPG, Empire of Gold, a viking RPG or other stuff. I might write a lot for a week. Writing is good, it distracts me from crying in a corner. At the moment though, I can’t get distracted enough to able to write a proper post. Sorry!


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