Darkest Nights – Fate and Insight

I realized I had forgotten this post. Oops. This is about the two meta-game currencies in my current campaign: Fate and Insight. They are gained from different sides of the same activity, namely going after your goals. The intention is to reward in-character decisions, as always. It has worked pretty decently thus far.

In short, it’s like this:


You get fate points by striving for your motivations. It’s rewarded at the end of a session, or at a major in-game breakpoint. If you have made significant moves going after a goal of yours, you are rewarded one fate point per goal you tried for. It’s used for turning the tables in your favor, and in the end, getting a better shot at completing your goals.

  • Re-roll a unit of dice. This means every die that’s rolled together, be it both dice in a check, one penetration roll, all dice in a practice roll, or whatever.
  • Narrowly avoid death. This isn’t good, but a last resort. More like “wake up crippled and blind” than “dodge every bullet like it’s the Matrix”.
  • Get a shot at the impossible. Not necessarily a good chance, but a chance nonetheless. I’d use a die of fate (pure 1d6) for this one probably.


Where fate is gained struggling for your cause, insight is gained from succeeding in it. Each time you complete a goal, you gain one point of insight. This is the currency for buying advancement that’s not just “I’m better at this skill now”.

  • Gain a talent. These are small abilities that opens up new opportunities.
  • Increase, Health, Steel, or Grit, which are essentially the two saving throws and HP respectively. You could level them up to 5 each, if you really wanted.
  • Master a skill. This means you get the +1 speciality bonus to every use of the skill.
  • Gain mystic art if you have Taint. These are kind-of-spells, but discreet in nature. Taint is “magical contamination” from demons, allowing you to use some magic.

And, that’s it for this. I quite like them, but perhaps I should make the saves/grit more important or cheaper, as they don’t seem to picked all that often until now. I can understand that, they are simply not as interesting as the other alternatives. How that would be best done I’m note sure of, but it bears thinking of.

[Pre-written and auto-published at a later date. When this is released I’m away a few days.]


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