Martial Arts of the Red Isles

So I came up with this idea for the Empire of Gold’s Battle Pilgrims. Or maybe just those from the Red Islands. Well, they are culture completely centered on warfare, so it makes sense that they would practice martial arts, both armed and unarmed. Here’s a first draft for that, with a somewhat new “elemental” base.

Basic Training

Way of the Empty Hand
Trained for battle since birth, the people of the Red Islands learn to fight without any weapons. They suffer no penalties when attacking or parrying unarmed against weapons.

The Five Elements

For a beginning character, choose one of these. For each morning where you practice, make a mark. When you reach 60, 140, 250, 400

Path of Water
When you successfully parry or dodge an attack you may initiate a grapple, throw or push.

Path of Earth
While standing you have resistance against knock back and knock down effects.

Path of Tempest
You can give up your parry to attack twice against the same opponent.

Path of Steel
If you perform a counter strike you will make your attack whether you hit first or not.

Path of Frost
Whenever your opponent parries or blocks one of your attacks they loose 1 Stamina.

This was basically it. I’ll be back! But not now… Until then!


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