50-point One-Shot Kill Attack in GURPS

This is an experiment. A while ago I found some kind of forum thread about 50 point abilities in GURPS. And then, I wondered if I could make a RAW-acceptable attack that does a ridiculous amount of damage. Here’s the result, along with some comments.

  • Innate Attack (Impaling) 1 damage [2 points]
  • This is the carrier attack for the other things
  • Melee attack (C) -30%
  • Linked +10%
  • No blunt trauma or wounding -70%
  • Cosmic (Ignores DR) +300%
  • Emergencies only -30%
  • Total +180% is 6 points
  • Affliction [10/lv]
  • Linked +10%
  • Disadvantage: vulnerability (internal explosions), occasional, x4 +40%
  • Melee attack (C) no parry -35%
  • Reduced duration 1/60 -35%
  • Emergencies only -30%
  • Total -60% is 4 points per level
  • Follow Up
  • Crushing attack 1d [5 points]
  • Melee attack  -30%
  • Explosion +50%
  • Delay (fixed 1 second) +0%
  • Emergencies only -30%
  • Total -10% is 5 (4.5) points per die

The total is 6 points for the primary attack, and 4 points for the first level of affliction. That’s 10 points. Then grab six dice of damage for 27 points, and another three levels of affliction for 12 more points. The total ends up at 49 points. That’s ok, right? You could swap two levels for affliction for two more dice of damage, ending at an even 50 instead, but I think the harder HT roll is probably better in this situation.

Now this should be an ability that, under ideal conditions, could deal around 250 damage. That’s insane. That’s enough to disintegrate a target with 20 HP. How’s this you ask?

Is this appropriate?

6d6 is an average of 21 damage. Adding together the x3 multiplier from internal explosions and the x4 from vulnerability (if the target failed the health roll) results in a whopping x12 damage multiplier. Unless I messed up somewhere. This means a single puny die can expect to deal over 40 damage. On average.

Lucky this is just a dumb though experiment. If any GURPS-fu master passes by, please tell me if I made any silly mistakes in there. I probably did.

That’s it for this time. Hopefully no one will ever use this in a serious campaign because it’s a dumb move. Or do, if that’s your thing, I guess. Now, until next time!

(Timing the follow-up with walking away, and/or saying “you’re already dead” is recommended, but not necessary.)


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