Totally Ghoul – Damage Instantly Revisited

Yesterday I made a post about damage and injury in the Tokyo Ghoul fan RPG. I also talked about how I wanted to keep the game simple, which I ironically didn’t do with the damage mechanics. Here I try to patch that up.

Keep it Simple, Idiot!

So, here’s an easier variant for the damage multipliers.

AR vs DR

2 lower 1 lower Equal 1 higher 2 higher


None Half Full Double


Yeah. Replace all that complex stuff with this, and it’ll be easier. With this I’ll probably have to change around the AR and DR values of things. Maybe like this.

  1. Human body and regular weapons.
  2. Special weapons and body armor.
  3. Ghouls, kagune and quinqes.

Maybe that’s too simplified but I’ll try this for now. Also, maybe there should be a damage soak mechanic? I’ll add that in later. Probably.

Weapons and Stuff

As I said, all weapons do a base 1d6 damage. A basic tsunagi quinqe may have a +1 damage. And I just realised that weapons should have their damage improved by strength. Whoops. Okay, so you add your strength up to a weapon maximum, that’s better. You roll two dice and keep the highest for a two-handed weapon. Now the tsunagi is instead like this:

Tsunagi (one-handed, strength required: 1, damage bonus: strength-1, max +3)

Is this a reasonable weapon stat line? I think it works.

This is short but apparently I’m somewhat tired and confused so I probably shouldn’t be making rules right now. Or even writing for that matter. So, until next time!

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