Me and GURPS

Now that I’ve signed up for the GURPSday list it might be time to actually write something about GURPS (well… except for that one thing I did before). I might not make GURPS posts all the time, but I think I’ll manage one once in a while. But before I do something dumb and get shouted at by the GURPS masters I should probably just do a quick note about how I came upon this system and stuff.

The first GURPS book I picked up was, I believe, the Discworld supplement for the third edition. I was reading the books at the time, and I came upon it in the library. It seemed interesting, so I borrowed it, read it, and liked it. Not just the Discworld bits, but the game system as well. I’m not sure if it was the first RPG book I actually read, but it must have been one of the first. Back in those days I didn’t know anyone that would play RPGs with me, so I just read the book. I read lots of other systems too, but that was one of the best. At a later point I read the fourth edition core books, and these featured a lot more rules. I still liked them though. There is something very… all-encompassing… in these rules.

Just to make a point though. I haven’t actually played in a GURPS game. I would definitely want to try, but when I am GM-ing I usually write my own system to fit the campaign and setting feel. Most of them are decently rules lite and abstract, as my general style is to just wing it. A lot. And that may be a reason I like GURPS actually. To me, it fills out a niche which would be hard for me to fill myself, a reasonably simple (at its base) but complete system with rules for literally everything.

But yeah, it’d be fun to play in a GURPS game sometime, if I can find a GURPS GM who would have me and some extra free time. Until then I will probably mostly consume GURPS stuff passively, through reading other people’s blogs… And occasionally throwing out some strange suggestions, maybe a statted-out monster or two, or something along these lines.

Ehm, yeah? I said what I was going to… I think? Whatever, this was just a little rant about my personal GURPS (in)experience.


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