Totally Ghoul – Tests and Damage

I’ve been working some more on the Tokyo Ghoul RPG I’m making. It’s still not official or anything (not that I expect it to be), but it’s fun. Lately I’ve been thinking about how one should perform attribute checks, and how damage should actually work. I still like my old idea of dividing damage on a toughness score and having that giving the final injury amount. We’ll see how that gets solved.

Attribute Tests

TG RPG fancypage

I might have been caught up in making a pretty first page instead of doing useful stuff.

But first this one! I’ve ground my head a bit on how this should be performed, thinking about a roll below system, or a 2d6 system, or all maner of strange things. In the end I think I’ll go dead simple: roll 1d6 and add your attribute. Lots of rolls will probably be opposed, and then you can just compare results.
If that’s not the case, set the difficulty as an attribute, and roll 1d6 for that as well (or just add 3 if you’re lazy).

For comparison, here are some difficulty levels, but you can make these up yourself without too much trouble.

  • 1d6+1: good conditions.
  • 1d6+4: average conditions.
  • 1d6+7: bad conditions.
  • 1d6+10: extreme conditions.

We’ll see if this rule sticks around.


So, I’m thinking like this. Weapons have an Attack Rating, and targets have a Defense Rating. When the AR equals the DR, you take one point of injury per two damage taken. If the AR exceeds the DR, you take a number of injury points equal to the difference per point of damage taken. If the DR exceeds the AR then you take one point of injury for every (1 + difference) x2 points of damage taken. Or if you can’t be bothered with math, look at this table.

AR-DR 3… 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3…
Injury 3 per 1 2 per 1 1 per 1 1 per 2 1 per 4 1 per 6 1 per 8

(I might change this around some, but I quite like it as a basic idea.)

Attack and Defense Ratings

These would something along the lines of:

  1. Attack: human fists, bad weapons. Defense: human flesh and clothes.
  2. Attack: regular weapons. Defense: human in body armor, rinkaku kagune.
  3. Attack: Q-bullets, ukaku kagune melee. Defense: ghoul flesh.
  4. Attack: quinqes, bikaku, and koukaku kagune. Defense: bikaku and ukaku kagune.
  5. Attack: rinkaku kagune, special things. Defense: koukaku kagune, kakuja armor.

At the moment I think that these should be static numbers that can be increased, to prevent some silly arms race. These are more physical qualities of things.

Attack Damage and Injury

The basic damage is 1d6 (see a pattern here?), with an added modifier depending on the attack. A small weapon might have +0 or even -1, while a powerful one can get up to +6. However, this modifer cannot more that double the rolled damage result. Even if you have a +5 damage modifier you will only get 4 damage if you rolled a 2 on that die.

I think one could scale up the earlier injury numbers slightly. 1-2 points do nothing, 3-5 points cripples a limb, and 6+ points severs a limb. If you take 6+ points of injury to your heart or head you’re dead, even if you’re a ghoul (unless Eto has done strange stuff to you…) and you’re stunned at the 3-5 level. I think that’s about right, yeah?


And… That’s it for today. Hopefully I clarified some stuff, made som interesting rules, or somthing. And I know the system is pretty basic stuff with the “only d6” and so on. It’s intentional. I’m trying to keep it very simple while still adhering to the Tokyo Ghoul world. We’ll see how that goes in the end. Until next time!


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