Totally Ghoul – Attributes Again

I’ve been thinking of the attributes I mentioned the other day for that Tokyo Ghoul based RPG system (and ultimately campaign). I think I’ve got strength pretty much down about what the levels give for secondary statistics. The other three stats don’t really need such a table but are instead an area that the attribute can be used at. Enough babbling, let’s get going with what I though up since then.

First off though: build. It’s about what kind of body your character has, and it determines the starting value of your physical attributes.


Strength Agility Speed

Small or slim

1 3 +1
Average 2 2


Large or burly 3 1


The speed modifier just makes it so that every size has the same basic and maximum speed as it is based on strength. Possibly larger people get a health bonus or something, but that will be revealed at a later stage.


These are more or less the same as last time, but a little more concrete now. Human reach from 1-5 in each stat for average people, with up to 8 for maximum human potential. Ghouls can have their attributes reach 10.

Strength needs a big table, but don’t worry, the others don’t. The stats are what they sound like.

  Lift Damage Move
1 50 kg 1d4+0 4 m
2 70 kg 1d4+1 5 m
3 100 kg 1d6+1 6 m
4 140 kg 1d6+2 7 m
5 200 kg 1d8+2 8 m
6 280 kg 1d8+3 9 m
7 400 kg 1d10+3 10 m
8 560 kg 1d10+4 11 m
9 800 kg 1d12+4 12 m
10 1100 kg 1d12+5 13 m

Agility (or Mobility)
Used for agile actions, like traversing obstacles, dodging, slipping out of bonds, and so on.

Used for sly actions, like lying, sneaking past guards, feinting in combat, and so on.

Used for perceptive actions, like noticing an ambush, tracking prey, and so on.

You might notice that strength is the only attribute not just used for stat checks. I guess that makes sense. I’m not sure about the mechanics for these checks yet, though. Maybe a roll-high-but-under-stat system? 2d6 might work, i kind of like it as it’s not a straight distribution, but yet few dice and easy to count. I’ll think about that until the next post for this. Well, I guess that’s it for today. Until next time!


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