Totally Ghoul RPG

I did mention I’m making several different systems at the same time, I believe. One of these is based on Tokyo Ghoul (by Ishida Sui), because that world is awesome and well though-out. I’ve thought about if for a while (together with my girlfriend), and I think it would be a very interesting game setting and system. So… Here’s some bits from it that has been thought out so far… Although it is massively subject to change. Also, possibly not that exciting for the uninitiated, but oh well. Here goes.


  • Strength: About how strong you are, giving lifting potential and base for melee weapon damage. Possibly other things as well.
  • Mobility: how rapid and agile your movements are. Getting over obstacles, dodging attacks and all that good stuff.
  • Cunning: being sly and deceptive. Used for feints, lying, stealth, and other similar activities. Also for exploiting weaknesses.
  • Vigilance: perceptiveness and caution. Used to track prey, notice ambushes, and find weak spots in enemies.

The thing about these basic attributes are that preferably they would work both for humans and ghouls, and since ghouls are superior in several areas (though not all). Ghouls have a quoted strength of 4-7 times that of an average human, and as an average person can lift around their body weight I assume that’s what’s meant. Although really strong people can lift up to three times their own weight, meaning they could possibly wrestle with ghouls (as demonstrated once in the manga). I’m still not sure whether strength should be compared to your own body weight or be disconnected. Perhaps they would do well to have the strength score tied to a specific power, and have large people forced to have high strength scores to support their own weight.

On the mobility side a regular human is left behind, though the top CCG (anti-ghoul) officers could probably keep up with a ghoul in terms of speed and agility. Where the strength of a ghoul probably should be multiplied, they have a lesser edge in this area and a simple flat boost would probably be enough.

Intellectually a ghoul is decently similar to a human, though some never have the chance to go to school and learn academic skills. In slyness I would say they are equal. In this area, if the only one (?), they are on even ground.

Ghouls have somewhat better senses than humans, and some who are practiced can discern specific conversations from muffled noises. However most are only at the level of “better senses than humans”. Possibly a flat bonus once again.

Rc Cells

Rc cells are the basis for ghoul physiology and their increased power. As a ghoul has between 1000 and 8000 of these in their body at one time, having them in units of 100 or 200 would probably be more manageable to count. I use 1 essence = 200 Rc cells at the moment. A human contains 200-500, so 1-2 essence, and a ghoul requires around 1 essence per month in sustenance. These are what’s used to form kagune (basically additional limbs of “liquid muscle”), and what fuels regeneration. That brings this on to the next point.

Wounds and Healing

When you are hit by an attack or hazard, the damage is counted in increments based on your toughness. So if your toughness is 2, each two points of basic damage is one point of injury. The injury levels are as follows, and based on hit locations.

  • 1 point of injury – no impairment, only “steals” essence to heal.
  • 2-3 points of injury – limbs crippled, body is stunned, head means possible K.O.
  • 4+ points of injury – limbs severed, body possible death, head severed.

I’m not sure about what the conversion rate for essence to healing is. Possibly it is 2 essence per 1 injury healed for a basic ghoul, and less for rinkakus (a type with better regenerative abilities).

Kagunes! (wiki)

Well there are four types in a kind of four-way rock-paper-scissors. The winged ukakus shoot darts and are fast but with bad stamina, and are countered by the weapon-shield of the koukakus who can soak up their weak attacks. These are in turn defeated by the rinkakus’ powerful tentacle strikes, who are themselves beaten by the well-rounded tailed bikaku. And it goes full circle, and the bikakus are shot down by ukakus. I still need to think how to get this interaction to work independently mechanically. Here’s the base:


Toughness 2 Formation Cost 2 Essence
Attack Power 1 Arrows: can shoot a burst of projectiles with a 2 attack power for 1 essence.
Attack Speed 3


Toughness 3 Formation Cost 4 Essence
Attack Power 2 Weapon: allows you to add strength to kagune damage as it is connected to the arm.
Attack Speed 1


Toughness 1 Formation Cost 1 Essence/tentacle
Attack Power 3 Regeneration: regenerates 2 injury per round for 3 Essence.
Attack Speed 2


Toughness 2 Formation Cost 3 Essence
Attack Power 2 Adaptive: have 1 stat point that can be moved around.
Attack Speed 3


That’s it for now, and hopefully I will dump more stuff for this one out there in a little while. This is an interesting project, because I have to adhere to a set world and how it works, and it’s a bit different from how I usually do RPG systems. ‘Til next time.


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