Battle Pilgrim [Class]

This is the class from the eastern archipelago in Empire of Gold. These are the battle-is-our-religion people who go around having their preschool teachers actually being grizzled warriors, and believe that’s it good to go on a small war as a vacation from all that tiring gardening. The other edge of the sword is their belief that every proper warrior should be a students of other arts than that of killing. Music, poetry, or painting, and preferably more than one of those. Also, this system is in an pre-alpha state, so most statistics are kind of guesses that will probably change a lot.


On the Red Islands, everyone is a warrior. From a tender age, people are trained to fight, believing it is one of the finest expressions of mankind. Most inhabitants go on to learn another profession, though they all keep up their elite fighting practice all life. However, there are those wholly dedicated to the arts of war (aside from some arts on the side). These are the Battle Pilgrims, sometimes known as sword saints or “don’t fight that guy”. They turn fighting from a necessity to an art form, and from that to a mesmerizing flow of perfection. One must try by all means to not be the target for their steel to strike.

The Battle Pilgrims are held in good regard in their native areas, but other people are not always sure how to react. They have good manners, perform arts, keep themselves clean, and know how to kill you before you can blink. It’s an unsettling combination. On the Isles they are almost pseudo-priests, leading prayers when around and sometimes even overseeing marriages or funerals. First and foremost, however, they lead the charge take the hardest jobs when at war, providing an example for the countrymen to follow.



HP Gained Abilities

Basic Abilities


+4 2nd Technique

•Honor and Glory

•1st Conviction

•1st Technique

•Steel & Art


+8 2nd Conviction


+12 3rd Technique
4 +16

3rd Conviction

5 +15

4th Technique

Honor and Glory
You have certain ideals that you must uphold, or lose your Conviction abilities.

  • Don’t attack those that cannot fight back.
  • Do not lie or break your word.
  • Be loyal to your allies and liege, and act in their best interest.

Steel and Art
Constantly trained for battle, you add your level to your attack bonus. In addition you can use any weapon, as well as paint, write poetry, sing, or something else in a similar vein.


Against the Odds
When fighting an enemy that is superior in numbers or power, you gain a bonus of +1 to +3 to all attacks, defenses, and maneuvers you perform as long as they remain superior. However, you may not flee from battle.

When fighting an roughly equal foe, one-on-one, you are at +1d4 to all attacks, defenses, and maneuvers. If the enemy starts to fight dishonorably this bonus is maximized at +4. However, you may not refuse a challange to duel, and you must fight farily.

When you should be weak you are at your strongest. You gain a +1 bonus to attacks and maneuvers for each Wound you have taken. However, you may not surrender or take an insult at any cost.


Crimson Cherry Blossoms
A dance-like rapid barrage, the blade flashing like falling blossoms. You make three attacks per character level, divided as you like among targets within reach. Each target may be hit by at most one attack per per level, and each attack deals 1d4 + strength modifier damage due to the quick tip cuts. Costs 6 HP to use.

Mountain Mist Step
At any point in your turn you may move up to 10 paces in distance. Costs 3 HP, +3 per activation after the first in a single round. Can be used as part of a dodge.

Tiger Stance
An aggresive, crouched stance, always prepared for powerful strikes. You can enter the stance at the start of your turn, and exit it at any point. While active, your attacks roll an additional die for damage, and use the highest. Each strike costs 1 HP.

Distant Path
A deceptive stance, with the sword hidden behind the body. While in this stance, enemies roll two dice to defend from your attacks, and use the lowest. Each strike costs 1 HP.

Flowing River 
A single big strike. It deals an additional die of damage, but if it’s used in or against a counter hit (when both people try to strike first) it rolls two dice for speed and uses the lowest. It pierces through up to 5 points of armor or damage reduction. Costs 3 HP to use.


That’s it for now. I probably missed a lot but I have to go to bed soon. ‘Til next time!


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