Darkest Nights – Session 6

This session was cut a bit short because one of the players had to leave early, but as it was a sunday it was still twice as long as a monday session. All in all it was pretty fun, I think. The cliffhanger from last time was resolved, and all players finished at least one Motivation (player-created goal which drives character advancement). Also, they bought a house, and a character was intentionally replaced. More on that inside.

The Cast

  • Nathan Stark. Bounty Hunter hunting a bounty. Monster slayer on the side.
  • Lucas de Pope. Former mercenary looking for his lost love’s killer.
  • Bob. Still confused, current goal is to get out alive.

Starting Date: 23 February 1840

They were still in the partially water-filled chamber, huddled in a corner along with their packs. The heavy, ominous, steps came closer, always followed by rattling chains. They they lay indecisively in wait, not knowing what was approaching. The half-drowned Lucas climbed out of the water loudly, just near the cavern entrance. When he began staggering along the water something struck, throwing him right back into the water. In the pitch-black the only thing alerting them of where this being moved was the clanking chains.

Bob swam to return the gold plate, and after Nathan threw a rock at the opposite cave wall the being was distracted for a second. Lucas climbed out of the water and ran to get his rapier, while Nathan poured out the damp gunpowder they had found on the floor in a pile. When the creature got near he struck a spark and leapt for it. Falling into the water, he saw the powder fail to ignite. Bob returned, and Lucas got pummeled again, rolling back with some seriously cracked ribs. Bob had lit the lantern and they could see the ~2.5 m (8 ft) man, covered in chains that restrained his movements. His face was contorted with rage, and he rushed towards Bob, who promptly smacked him with the lantern. It shattered, spraying hot oil everywhere and setting the man’s hair on fire.

The madman was relentless, however, starting to wrestle with Bob, and almost overpowering him before Nathan jumped at his back and blocked his eyes. They struggled for a while, and Lucas sneaked past, getting Nathan’s manacles. He managed to connect the huge creature’s hands (which didn’t really help any in the grapple), and actually lit the fire they had prepared before the swim. This granted some new light, as Nathan accidentally had put out the fire on the man’s head with his watery arms. Lucas then proceeded to, as by Nathan’s instructions, tie up the man’s legs, thereafter they managed to collapse in a pile on the floor. Bob, who had more or less held the man in place ’til now, head butted him, and got a severe headache for it. They collapsed on him, Nathan slamming the man’s head into the ground and Lucas stabbing him in the arm. They tried to throw him into the water, but this didn’t work too well. Now Lucas got the idea to stab the man in the neck, and then did just that. With great skill (and some help from a Fate re-roll), he thrust his rapier deeply into the neck of the man. Oh, and Nathan’s hand happened to be in the way, so he was nailed to the man as Bob once again tried to flip him into the water. This was just as Lucas tried to pull his rapier out despite the push, and so all but Bob was flung into the water as a big tangled heap.

When brawling under water, Lucas finally got his rapier out, and spiraled away in the water not knowing up from down. While Nathan tried to hold on to the man and stab him with his knife, Bob dove in and rescued Lucas (who still couldn’t swim).Several of Nathan’s failed attempts at stabbing the eyes later, Bob returned to help. They managed to shove the sinking man deeper in the water and through a desperate maneuver they managed to bind his hands behind his head by pulling one of his chains around the manacles, pulling tight, and striking a marline spike through the chain into his back. Bob and Nathan returned up to the surface watching the blood oozing up, and climbed back out. Lucas got out his rifle, and then they noticed that the chained man was walking his way to the shore. Bob dove in, and managed to spike another chain into a crack in the stone. It was basically over by then, and Bob and Nathan dove up and down and kept the thing stuck underwater until it stopped moving. Lucas took some pointless shots at it with his rifle, and those were stopped by the water.

While the man was hanging limp in the water, they thought about what to do. Realizing they would probably have alerted anyone nearby, Nathan snuck to have a look while the others gathered up their gear. There were some people in the corridor, one of them in a wheelchair. They seemed to be discussing something, and Nathan quickly returned to tell the others. Lucas proposed that they hide in the inner chamber for the night, but that idea was rejected because that would get all their belongings wet and make them cold. They discussed a bit, but unsure of what to do they decided to wait. Nathan dragged the now rather dead man up out the water (where he had been for almost half an hour). Before the people entered the cave he pulled the man to shore and sat down on his back. Four men entered, wearing some strange hoods or masks and each one having a pistol. Mutual suspicion ruled, as the hooded men asked what the group was doing breaking into other people’s homes, and Nathan trying to convince them that he was just a bounty hunter getting a criminal. At the sight of the corpse the men became upset, and one of them left and got the wheelchair-man. Making up unreasonable excuses Nathan tried to get them out, but the legless man wouldn’t take any of it. When Bob accidentally mentioned the gold plate the man seemed interesting, and Lucas got them a deal: the group would get the gold plate out and they would never speak of the people living in the abandoned castle, and the group would be let out alive with the corpse. They did just that, and left the castle in their boat.

They claimed the crusher-murderer bounty of £50 and took a rest in their appartement. The rent was only paid for the following week, so Nathan decided to look for a new house, after finishing an article about the strange people living in the abandonded castle. He noticed a plot in Hightown… the one where they had burned down the house. Having a look at the cleaned up foundation for the house and the plot itself, they thought it could be good to get it. Lucas managed to talk the seller into parting with it for only £11, and they then got some people and materials for £40 more, who speed-built the house in two weeks. During this time Nathan practiced Athletics, and Lucas managed to learn his Mystic Art: Illusion to an Amateur rank.

After the week of recovery, they set out to find a new goal to pursue. Lucas sent out letters to Joshua Steele and another guy he knew, and they decided to pass by Reginald’s church. They find him there, watching some people finish up the new paintwork. They asked if he needed help with anything, but he was ok. He then mentioned that there were a very aggressive pack of wolves roaming near the outer villages. When they were talking he told them that Cynthia (one of the four exorcist priests) was at the catacombs (which had recently been broken up by an unknown person). If they left now they might bump into her. When Lucas inquired about any rewards for the wolves, Reginald told him that he couldn’t give him any money, but he could help out in other ways. They left to have a look at the crypt, and ran into a pushy guy that asked for a drink. But, apparently it was Nathan’s birthday so the guy offerd to get the drinks, and they went to a pub. (Actually, it was before lunch). Apparently the person was running a bit from the Black Hats, and looking for a house to stay in. He had recognized Nathan, and as they sat, he was recognized back…

We broke it there. The new guy is Bob’s player’s new character. Bob has an in-game incentive to run away from the party (he doesn’t want any spooky trouble), and has no real reason to stay. The specifics of the new character is to be decided until next time. That fight with the Slaughter Demon was brutal, and they had quite a bit of luck there. Also, Lucas’ player used like five Fate re-rolls in this session, and the others used one or two each. Their solution was pretty good, because hard skin doesn’t protect against drowning. It was a real close call though. He was near breaking the chains… But, but, it was a good session. Hopefully we can have another one soon. Until next time!


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