Phat Lewt I (Magic Items)

Here are some decently system-neutral magic items for a fantast campaign. Perhaps they have a bit of and oldschool feel, with my preference for descriptive rather than numerical effects.

Red String Ring
A simple ring fashioned from a short bit of red string. The wearer can always find their way back to the last landmark visited while wearing the ring.

Wanderer’s Boots
These very comfortable boots are in an unchangeable state of being fairly worn down. The boots are near indestructible and protects the feet from sharp objects, wetness, heat, and so on.

Azure Crystal Pendant
A plain cord with a bluish pointed crystal attached to it. The crystal always seems plesantly cool. When the cord is held with the crystal swinging free, it will point to the nearest source of fresh water.

Vial of Pitch-Like Liquid
This crystalline vial is filled with a thick, black mass. When drunk, the imbier is immune to the effects of poisons, potions, infections, and anything else that attacks internally for 1d3+1 hours. While this is in effect however, you take double damage from flames and might catch fire.

Warning Bell
This dull brass bell is tied with a red ribbon. Whenever anything within five paces of it moves (except for what it’s tied to), it will chime softly, even if the movement does not directly affect it.

Stuff like this is pretty fun to come up with actually. I’ll probably make more some time (therefore the “1”) but this is all for today. Until next time!


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