HP for Regenerators: Applied

I’m currently making some bits for a small RPG that’s basically Tokyo Ghoul. Not the story, but based on the setting and mood. It will probably never be released as such, but maybe under another name and with some rewriting it would work. Anyways, I think I have decided what to do with the HP system more in detail. As the characters will probably be monsters with regeneration (and durable on top of that), I think this will work.

First off, there’s Resilience, the durability attribute. When you are hit by an attack, compare the damage it dealt to multiples of your Resilience as follows:

  • Up to 1x Resilience: the attack was completely negated.
  • Over 1x Resilience: minor damage, mark one point of injury.
  • Over 2x Resilience: notable damage, mark two points of injury.
  • Over 3x Resilience: major damage, mark  four points of injury.

The injury is applied on the location where the attack hit. A limb that has two points of injury is unusable, and a limb with four points of damage is torn off or destroyed. When applied to the head you are stunned when at two points of injury, and potentially killed when at four points. The same is applied for the vitals, but not the torso.

Then you have a pool of Essence (stacks of 100 RC cells or something, for the initiated). When injured you automatically spend one Essence per round to regenerate. The basic assumption is that you spend that 1-to-1 to remove injury points. Possibly at a highers speed than once per round, if you are powerful.

Well… That’s this, for now. I’ll be back later with more about this. Until then!


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