Darkest Nights – Session 4


We actually managed to have a short session yesterday! I feel like monday nights are a bit too short on time, but… It’s better than nothing.

The Cast

  • Nathan Stark. Monster hunter of the lower classes.
  • Lucas de Pope. Former mercenary who can see the ghosts of the dead.
  • Bob. Sailor who’s large and… not very intelligent, apparently.

Starting Date: 22 February 1840

The session began after the last one, with them sleeping the day away to be able to hunt the crushing murderer, whom they had heard rumors about. Nathan had calculated his most likely area of appearance with the help of articles on earlier victims; it was in Hightown. When the sun set, they set out. Hanging around near the guessed point, Nathan spotted some fresh tracks from some huge worker’s boots, which would be rare in Hightown. Nearby whey found a manhole to the sewers. Becoming suspicious, they somehow could open it up. Descending down, Nathan found some newly spattered sewage, which lead him into an eastward sewer tunnel. They wandered on, eventually coming upon one of the main pipes where it emptied in the sea.

With some help from Bob’s shoulder, the rusty iron bar door opened, and they could approach a beach. Keen eyes (or good rolls) allowed them to spot a small rowboat hidden under som bushes, as well as a more obvious pole driven into the beach at the waterline. It seemed to be there for attaching small boats, and had a hook where one could hang a lantern. The rowboat was inconspicuous, just a plain boat, worn but okay. They decided to leave it, and went up to have a pint (or lots of them) in the entertainment district which was just above.

Sometime during the night, Nathan though he saw something at the shore through the drunken haze. Bob and Lucas staggered down to investigate, and found nothing. Not even the boat. They manage to find their way home however… Eventually.

The following morning… midday… they went out after reading about the crushing killer’s latest victim. They come upon the corpse as it’s being inspected by two black-hats (police). It’s a smashed to a pulp mess. When someone comes to take it away, they discretely follow along. A bribe helps them get into the black-hat mortuary, and as they take a closer look at it, Lucas notices something… or rather the lack of something. The corpse has left no Shade behind, no ghost, nothing. It seems far too empty. After examining it at the one before it they dissapear, before some real black-hats come along.

This was the end of the session because time ran out. They managed to get some stuff done, and learn a few facts even though it was just two hours. I still prefer my sessions a bit longer, however. If we’re lucky, the next session is next monday. Until next time!


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