Rules Idea – Bleeding

Today’s a short one. This is an idea for a bleeding rule that I’ve had for a long time, but I’ve never gotten a good chance to use it. It’s at its core a “three stage” bleeding system, where you can influence how much you bleed. It could probably be bolted on to many other systems, and I haven’t actually specified how anything else should work around it. No matter, as it should probably work on its own.


If a character takes slashing damage, or is in some other way inflicted with open wounds, they well begin bleeding. If the wounds are large it’s Major Bleeding, otherwise it’s Minor Bleeding.

If you are afflicted with Minor Bleeding, you are okay as long as you stay still. If you take strenous physical action, you must make a toughness save (or whatever), or take bleeding damage.

If you are afflicted with Major Bleeding, you will take damage automatically during strenous activity. If you are careful, you are allowed a save to reduce or remove damage.

And…. that’s it. I’ll make a more in-depth post later. Until then!


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