Remaking D&D – Hit Points 2

So I thought I’d make some more solid decisions about HP in the “D&D that isn’t even D&D anymore”-thing I’m kind of slowly making on the side for fun. This will involve HP gained from different sources, healing, and other such things, probably. I just write this up as I go along based on some prior thoughts.

Maximum Hit Points

Well, now that we have determined that hit points represent evasive skill and stamina, how will one gain them? Well, much the same way as before, I suppose. A score that’s based on your class, plus your constitution modifier, times your level.

  • Fighting Classes will gain a base of 5 hit points per level.
  • Skirmish Classes will gain a base of 4 hit points per level.
  • Backline Classes will gain a base of 3 hit points per level.
  • All classes add their Constitution bonus to hit points every level.

Actually I’m wondering about the Constitution bonus. It can push a fighter up to 10 HP per level, which feels a bit much. Maybe have a base of 1 hit point per level for all classes, and then add the CON modifier? The other way could be only the class bonus, plus your flat constitution (though that would mess up the %HP system just a bit). Well, I’ll stick with the stacked system now, but I’ll have to try to have weapons scale up so they don’t become worthless. I still like 10 HP per level better than a 5e maxed out Barbarian that has 16 HP per level on average.

Percentage Damage

I mentioned in the last post on HP that you can have damage multiplied with the level of the target. This makes an easy percentage of HP damage, that also scales negatively with CON and class. This means that a warrior with 5 class HP and say 3 from CON can take more than a frail mystic with 3 class HP and none from CON, but equally much to a higher level warrior with equal CON. Say you have a poison that does damage each hour. If you are injected with it you can’t dodge it later, because it’s already in your system. So if the poison does 1x level damage once per hour, the warrior would last 8 hours of damage before succumbing, while the mystic could take 3. It doesn’t matter if the warrior is level 1 or level 20, poison is still poison (unless you are resistant, of course). This means that the lowest (non-partial) scaled damage to a character would be 10% of their HP, for a fighter with 20 constitution. Have I made myself clear? I hope so…


The hit die rest system from D&D 5e actually works pretty well in this situation. Or something similar, at least. You can only recover so much energy in a day. I think I’ll keep it as is for now, with a d10/d8/d6 for the 5/4/3 HP (and yes I round those down here).

Random HP Per Level

I don’t like this. Some bad rolls can permanently make the character weak out of just bad luck. Either these could be rerolled daily, or not at all.

I think that’s all for today. I’m still a bit sick, but at least it’s not painful anymore. More posts will come another day. Until then!


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