Remaking D&D – Introduction

Hello again. I am actually less sick today, and I hope I keep getting better at this speed (though that seems unlikely). It seems I rolled a great recovery roll or something. Being much less tired and confused today, I’ll follow up on yesterday’s post, and maybe start a little string of posts here. The idea behind this is to take D&D and make it… not D&D. I just had a random thought about this at some point and it seemed like a somewhat interesting pastime, so I’ll give it a try. It will be based mostly around 5th edition, with bits from other editions and systems. Then I’ll just change things up a bit, and see if anything interesting comes out of it.

So, first off: what’s in there? What’s the basic system bits that could need changing?

  • Attributes: I’ve talked about this before, but I’ll probably change these up a bit.
  • Hit Points: These definitively need some change or addition to be interesting.
  • AC: I might want to change this a bit. An active defense roll is a little tempting.
  • Classes: Changes will be made. Less classes and even less spell casters.
  • Easy Reviving the Dead: This is so gone. It feels silly when even death won’t kill you.
  • Spell System: This will probably be changed. I kind of like the Warlock-type though.

I have definitively forgotten things, but that will be taken care of at a different time. This is a place to start at least, and it will most likely end up as a strange mess not resembling the starting system very much. I can live with that.

Now you’re probably thinking “this is dull get to changing stuff!” and I will… but not now. Maybe tomorrow, and I might even post something more tonight, but that will probably be some setting lore for Darkest Nights. ‘Til then.


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