Darkest Nights – Session 3

Well, well, what’s this? The latest session of my campaign. It’s rather short compared to normal but it’s better than nothing, right?

The Cast

  • Lucas de Pope – former mercenary with the second sight. Has speaking pet raven.
  • Nathan Stark – monster hunter from the lower classes. Wife Maria keeps the house.
  • Bob – huge sailor, innocent and maybe not the brightest.
    • Reginald, exorcist priest
    • Joshua Steele, trader in rare items
    • Edward, former PC turned henchman

The session started just after the nine-day training montage. Nathan had practiced Athletics with surprising success, and Lucas had practiced Fighting. Bob tried and failed miserably to learn cooking, and continued to create burnt-to-ash bread during the whole session. It was the 20th of February, and Joshua would arrive with the buyer of the painting. Before that however, Nathan took the chance to look about for some information about the rumored “crushing murderer” he had read about in the newspaper. It seemed there was a curved line on the map where people had fallen victim. While he made some further research on the matter, Bob and Lucas removed all marks of ownership from the carriage they had “borrowed” last session. They all converged in the docks around noon, to greet Mr. Steele and his customer, who was introduced as Romanov. They went back to the appartement and gave him the painting, recieving their £25 reward (~2500 modern $). Apparently it was for his collection of the mad and unappriciated artist Eicher’s paintings.

When that was done (Steele having taken his courier with him) they went and got both the remaining executioners exorcised, after finally managing to get some information out of them. Apparently the (now dead) little one had fixed them up to be “special”, and they were working for “Chief” who resided in the abandonded castle. The exorcisms went without problems as the three other priests had arrived: Pastor Grant, Elliot and Cynthia. Both of them survived, and Lucas even managed to grab one of the dark specks of taint (though this made Grant somewhat upset). After this, some plans were made, but nothing more.

This session was rather short as it was a monday night instead of all sunday, so like 1/2 to 1/3 the time. They got some stuff cleaned up, which was good.


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