Darkest Nights – Session 2

Session two was like a few weeks ago lol. Now here it is, and the next one will be up soon as well.

The Cast

  • Lucas de Pope – ghostwatcher with possessed pet raven.
  • Nathan Stark – monster slayer with knuckles of silver.
  • Bob – huge man whose player was missing this session.
  • Edward Turner – henchman (the player left the campaign for personal reasons).

The session began just after the last one (chronologically, of course ), with the group still in the church together with the priest and the formerly possessed man. The man is just leaving, to go look for wherever he lived, and they are speaking with the priest who introduces himself as Reginald. He then has to go rest after the tiring exorcism, and the group leaves for the antique store the formerly possessed man had mentioned. They find it easily and enter to have a look, but it seems the described broach isn’t there any longer. The store owner gets asked about it, and he tells them it was bought by a rich Dutchman, just a few days ago. He gives them a name and a description, and the group goes off to the trusty city office. They can find the probable suspect without much trouble, as he’s the only one of his name living in high town.

Having found someone to pursue, they go over to the house. The door is opened by the maid, and she informs them that the owner is out. Deciding to return after dinner, they go to question the recovered courier. He is now awake, and he tells them that “the little one” took the painting before he lost consciousness. Wondering a bit who that is, it is decided that they should go back and look at the place where they fought the two strange “executioners” last time. When they get there, however, they find the house empty and cleaned out on all evidence. But when searching the cellar, Lucas notices shades going through a wall, which they don’t normally do. They manage to find a thin wall, which they bash down with a table. When it breaks, they are assaulted by a gust carrying the smell of decay. They have found an old hiding place for gnawed upon human bones. Following this shocking discovery they leave the house to find someone living nearby. They catch some hobos lazing in the sun on a roof, and are told that the three executioners had left the house during the night. They were going left, which could be to the Dutchman’s house.

Nearing dinnertime, the group left to go there. When meeting the butler in the door they tell him that they are there for a deal, and are immediately let inside. They find the Dutchman sitting by his desk, and he asks them about the wares before noticing they are the wrong people. They interrogate him about the cursed broach, and he tells them it was bought for his wife, who is upstairs. Nathan dashes up and starts checking all the rooms. The last one is locked, and while he chops at it with his new axe the Dutchman and Lucas follow him up. Where is the wife?

“Behind you,” comes the answer, as one of the fat butcher swings at Nathan with a meat cleaver. A chaotic battle follows. Nathan barely manages to dodge and chop the butchers knee, and they both fall down. Lucas leaps at the Dutchman with his rapier, is grazed by a pistol shot but then knocks him out. Just as the tall executioner steps in Nathan bashes the first one in the bead with the axe. The torturer attacks Lucas with his red-hot iron while Nathan is pinned underneath the big one. They struggle a bit and the third executioner enters. Nathan manages to grab the tall one and pull him down, as they are being threatened by the small one with a gun. He tries to force them to surrender, which they lie that they agree to, just before Lucas grabs the staggering Dutchman. He hides behind him and threatens to kill him with his knife. When he walks closer to the small executioner he gets shot at, straight through the hostage. Then Nathan hurls the still hot brand at the gunman, distracting him as Lucas closes the distance. Lucas stabs him in the arm and they wrestle out in the corridor. While this is happening Nathan calmly ties up the two first executioners, and then go to help.

All foes bound, they go pick up both the painting and the broach, carry the executioners outside, and set fire to the house before they leave in the owners carriage. When home, the tie the executioners to chairs and then sleep for the night.

The next day they have the doctor look at their wounds, and then try to follow some leads. Nathan reads his occult books and then examines some bones from the cache. It could be marks fom human teeth. Lucas visits the city fort to send a letter to his brother, who’s out in the opium war in China. Afterwards they both go to examine the painting and the broach. Both the items are filled with a strange power, reminiscent of the executioner brothers that are filled with the shades of the dead. The broach seems aggressive and “dirty”, while the painting is covered with a veil that blocks shades from entering, but inside it is an even deeper darkness. On a closer inspection it seems sealed somehow.

Then they go to have the executioners exorcised as well. Reginald the priest begins another ritual, and exhausting his last powers manages to cleanse the small one. As the host is emptied of shades, and Reginald faints, a small black speck leaves the exorcised. It’s like a tiny hole in reality. Lucas steps forward and catches it, and receives a strange sensation. He seems to feel a “stream” from another place, and he can see the faces of the dead clearer than usual. Suddenly the small one gets some kind of fit, and dies coughing up blood.

When Reginald comes to he tells them his colleagues will be arriving in nine days. With nothing else to do, they spend that time practicing their skills.


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