More Attribute Musings

Following up on yesterday’s post, here are some more random thoughts about attributes. This began with me contemplating IQ in regards to how it should correspond with attribute scores, which seemed somewhat interesting (even if IQ by no means is a complete measurement of one’s complete intelligence).

Some people playing D&D say that you get a creature’s IQ by multiplying its intelligence score with 10. This can’t possibly work, as that would mean almost 10% of all humans would be at an IQ where they would have additional severe disorders (less than IQ 70), and almost 25% of all people would be geniuses (IQ 130+). This assumes that everyone use the 3d6 for attribute scores method of olde (go read up on it if you don’t know).

So what do we have, according to the omniscient Wikipedia?

2,2% of all people have an IQ of less than 70 (this is about equal to the probablility of 3-4 on 3d6). The same goes for an IQ of 130 or higher. Then 5-6 INT is roughly equal to 70-79 IQ and so on, having +2 INT equal +10 IQ. This means that in D&D, if related to real world IQ distribution, the intelligence score would be (IQ/5)-10, or IQ = INT*5 + 50 if reversed.

Maybe this distribution or a similar one could possibly apply to every attribute in the game? Who knows. Would it help? Maybe. Did this tangent help? Probably not.

But the distribution and division of “very low – low – average – high – very high” is kind of what I was talking about yesterday. For a less rules heavy game it could replace the “What difference does Wisdom 11 make vs. Wisdom 10?”-thing (though wisdom is kind of a hodge-podge attribute to begin with in D&D. I’ll rant about that later). If you are wise it isn’t Wisdom 14, but a descriptive “Wise”. This of course means less different bonuses and wouldn’t work as well in more gamey RPGs where you want lots of different levels of attribute bonuses. So if you have all attributes in, say 5 levels (as those noted above) instead of 16 (with only a few differences between the numbers). Would this make a major difference? Maybe, maybe not. It could have the effect of removing focus on numbers and moving it to focus on the character. Or it just changed the name of the power-game modifiers that the players need to have. Who knows?

Well, that’s it for todays rant I guess. I really should have written up a report for yesterday’s session 3 of Darkest Nights. Or session 2 for that matter.


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