Darkest Nights – Introduction

Darkest Nights is what I’m temporarily calling my campaign (including rules and setting) at the moment. We’ll see if it sticks around.

The campaign takes place in the real world in Victorian times, though obviously with some changes made. The first one is the addition of another island group to the southeast of Bermuda, called the Sikkel Islands. This is a still a British colony in the campaign, where it’s 1840, and it will probably stay that way. I originally intended Bermuda to be the actual setting, but it felt better to just add a new location than change an existing one too much.

The second one is, not surprisingly, the addition of supernatural creatures. It is partially a horror story, but not one where people have no chance. There are ways to fight off the darkness, and not every dark creature is necessarily truly evil. For most people, however, it’s neither something that can be defeated, nor anything that is surely known.

The system is a mutant freak of my own creation, with pieces of Apocalypse World, Fate Core, Burning Wheel, and probably some more systems stitched on here and there. It works ok so far but will probably need some serious reworking before it’s perfectly playable. Rules will probably end up here along with the setting (and more) over time.


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