My Campaign

I’m the current GM of my group, and for that matter, I am the GM most of the time.

I’m currently running a campaign set in Victorian times (1840), on a small island group southeast of Bermuda. I custom-made the rule set for the campaign (as I usually do), and I will probably post parts or all of the system, together with play reports and setting info.

The story so far is, in short, like this:
A group of friends land on the islands, by the request of a mutual acquaintance. Some of them are already somewhat aware of the occult, but things are going to get even worse. They are asked to recover a certain painting that was stolen (along with its courirer) on the isles. As they set out they are dragged into a much stranger plot, while still trying to pursue their own goals and ambitions.

It’s like Bloodborne, Berserk, some witch hunters, and Cthuluu had a wierd baby. Some horror, some action, some detective work. Good stuff, hopefully.

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